The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales Book

The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales

Retold by Naomi Adler

UK Publisher: Barefoot Books

Hardcover ISBN: 0-8037-2063-7

Hardcover ISBN: 1-84148-941-7

Softcover ISBN: 1-84148-547-0

Softcover ISBN: 1-78285-396-1

Year of publication: 1996

80 pages


Foreign Co-editions »
Dial Books (US h/b) ISBN 0-8037-2063-7,
Herder (Germany h/b) ISBN 3-451-23981-7,
Gyldendal (Denmark h/b) ISBN 87-00-25088-0,
Ammos Publishing (Greece h/b) ISBN 960 2022426,
Livros Horizonte (Portugal)... ISBN 972-24-1196-9,
Elfos Edicions (Spain h/b) ISBN 84-8423-112-7,
Elfos Edicions (Catalonia) ISBN 84-8423-113-5,
Better Books (Korea h/b) ISBN 89-8488-152-X,
Martins Fontes (Brazil p/b) ISBN 85-336-1742-9,

Awards & Selections

  • International Reading Initiative short-list 2003


“But what makes this collection exceptional are Amanda Hall’s beautiful illustrations.”

— The Observer 


“Each is from a different culture….. and Amanda Hall’s stylised illustrations perfectly reflect each one.”

— The Bookseller


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