The Barefoot Book of Stories from the Sea

The Barefoot Book of Stories from the Sea 

Compiled by James Riordan

UK Publisher: Barefoot Books

Hardcover ISBN: 1-898000-09-3

Softcover ISBN: 1-905236-00-X

Year of publication:1996

80 pages


Foreign Co-editions »
Co-editions- Abbeville (US h/b) ISBN 0789202824,
La Colonie Des Griffons (France h/b) ISBN F6-9520,
Elfos Ediciones(Spain h/b) ISBN 84-8423-150-X,
Elfos Ediciones(Catalonia h/b) ISBN 84-8423-151-8,
Kookminbooks (Korea h/b) ISBN 9788911026609,
Martin Fontes (Brazil p/b) ISBN 85-336-2214-7,


“A sumptuously illustrated anthology.”

— London Parents’ Guide


“This beautifully illustrated anthology captures all the magic of the traditional folk tales that should be part of every childhood. A book to treasure.”

— Books for Children


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