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Art lesson – Piet’s Dragon

Piet is really interested in art and loves drawing. He drew this wonderful dragon ~ see first image below ~ while staying at my house with his parents. Piet wanted to know a bit about how I do my work, so I thought the best way to show him would be to develop his dragon picture using pencil crayon and the computer.


These images show the stages his picture went through. First we scanned his dragon picture and reduced the size to A4, as the original was at A2. Next we put the smaller image on my light box and I showed Piet how to work in crayon on a sheet of paper over the top of the drawing. Crayoning is a technique that takes time to learn.


While he was doing that, I got on with making the background on the computer. I created a series of layers for each of the elements in his drawing, so that I could develop and manipulate the shading.


When the dragon and background were complete, we scanned Piet’s drawing and added it to the background as another layer. When it was complete we printed it out.


Young Readers images

Just for fun, I tried out a version with the dragon in mosaic and in chrome.






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The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau

Michelle Markel, who wrote The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau (which I had the great pleasure of illustrating) visited an elementary school in Glendale, California USA, where she spoke to 2nd/3rd grade pupils. She had shown a few pictures from The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau, but also some images of the kinds of jungle pictures Henri would have seen-paintings and illustrations from journals. This image was drawn by one of the pupils during Michelle’s visit.

Glendale, California USA






Sedna and King Gull from the Barefoot Book of Animal Tales ~ collages by the pupils of Jubilee Primary School in Hackney, London.

At my Open Studio in July 2013, one of my visitors was London teacher Sue Vale. It was great meeting Sue, who told me about a wonderful project she had developed with her pupils at Jubilee Primary School in Hackney, London. I’m showing the images Sue emailed me of the work that the children had produced – beautiful collages – based on some of my illustrations from ‘Sedna and King Gull’ (see bottom image from The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales). It was so interesting for me to hear about the way a group of children responded to some of my illustrations.


I’ll let Sue tell it in her own words

“The whole school project for a half-term was ‘Peoples of the World’.
Each Year Group investigated a different culture. At the end, a banner showing any aspect of their study in any media was made and these were hung together in the school hall.

Year 2 were looking at Inuit myths and legends. Inspired by your illustrations for Sedna, the children made their own drawings. These were then blown up, cut out and used as templates for their collage figures.

The children worked in groups to assemble each part of their story and then their work was stuck and sewn on to the banner.”
~ Sue Vale 


The five collages on this page were created by pupils at  Jubilee Primary School in Hackney, London.

Sedna collages pupils of Jubilee Primary School in Hackney, London


Sedna collages pupils of Jubilee Primary School in Hackney, London


Sedna and King Gull, Amanda Hall

Amanda’s illustration of Sedna from The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales