Babushka Reviews

The emotionally satisfying folk tale is told in lyrical, polished prose that exudes an air of magic and mystery. Captivating, full-page illustrations in a cool palette of blues and purples set the Russian scene and help create a distinct personality for the doll-shaped Babushka.’

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‘Classic Russian Fairytale with Beautiful Illustrations.

Babushka is the tale of an old woman, who was so keen on having everything in her house tidy and proper, that when she has unexpected guests, she misses out on a once in a lifetime chance.

One day, when Babushka is again at her home and busy cleaning, there’s a knock on her door and outside are three wise men. They are following a star and as they are tired, they kindly ask Babushka for food and a place to rest. The old woman is happy to oblige and when they sit together and share a meal, she learns, that the men are on their way to visit a newborn baby.They call the child “The Prince of Peace” and in their luggage are presents for him. When they invite Babushka, to join them, she is too busy. To go with them without having washed her dishes? No way!


The following night, Babushka dreams of the child and regrets her decision to stay behind. When she wakes up the in morning, she fills her basket with delicious food and toys for the baby and is on her way, but she doesn’t know, where to go.The star isn’t shining in the bright sunlight and the snow has covered the tracks of the three travelers. Still, she’s determined to go and when she reaches the edge of the forest, there’s a poor girl dressed in only a thin dress, shivering with cold. She hands the child a warm knitted shawl from her basket and this is the first of many acts of kindness on her long journey, which still lasts to this day, always handing toys to children and hoping, that she will find Baby Jesus one day.

The book is a beautiful retelling of a classic Russian fairytale and the story is enhanced with colourful illustrations. Award winning illustrator Amanda Hall captures the russian feel of the story perfecly. Children will love the wonderfully detailed pictures, which sometimes have a really tranquil feel to them and seem to glow with light.

Babushka shows us, that we miss out on important things, if our life just consists of endless work and a lot of meaningless tasks.’

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 ‘This retelling of a Russian Folktale was very well done. Babushka is a very busy old woman who is visited by the Three Kings or Wisemen. They tell her about the birth of the baby and ask if she wants to go with them, but she says she is too busy. After cleaning up after them, she decides to go and find the baby. She packs a basket with gifts of toys, food, and blankets and sets off. She never finds the baby, but along her journey she finds people who need her gifts and she gives them to those in need. She continues to journey giving gifts today as her basket never empties. 

The illustrations are wonderful, colourful and vibrant. This would be an excellent addition to any family’s Christmas library as well as being useful in a unit of Christmas cultures and traditions around the world.’

– Goodreads/ Carla Johnson-Hicks


‘A beautifully illustrated book that would definitely please kids and their parents alike. The story is simple but poetic and the illustrations are gorgeous and magical. A perfect little book to gift to a child for Christmas.’

– Of Stacks and Cups 


‘This is a charming traditional Russian Christmas story.  Dawn Casey’s retelling of the Babushka story is truly a wonderful piece of storytelling.  The Babushka woman is similar to the American Santa Claus.  She travels the world giving children a present.  In many ways, the story is similar to that of Santa Claus.  
Casey’s retelling is poetic without being strictly poetry.  It is childlike, but there is wonderful humor there.  In 15 pages, Babushka comes across as far more than an old woman obsessed with house work.  There is kindness and wisdom there.  The addition of a cat is brilliant.
The combination of Casey’s story telling with Hall’s artwork reminds one of the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials, but with a cute facto toned down just a little and the light factor turned up.  The book gives off a feeling of warmth.  Actually, it’s like Rankin/Bass crossed with a Russian lacquer box.  Like the writing, there are wonderful details in the illustration – from the three wise men, to the sleigh, to the townsfolk.
It’s a wonderful book.’

– Goodreads


‘Babushka spends all day cleaning her house. However, when three men arrive and announce their journey is toward a child who has just been born, Babushka decides to set out and deliver him some gifts.

Despite the book containing religious content on the birth of Jesus Christ, I was not taken aback. The mention is very subtle, enough for families who are not religious to simply glance over, and it contains a very positive message about the gift of giving.

Each page is gorgeously illustrated in swirls of soft blue, pink, and purple hues, along with occasional touches of yellow and other colors. The art is truly breathtaking.

Overall, this is a very sweet Christmas story that children and parents alike will find captivating.’

– Amazon


‘A delightful colorful account of how love shines….

Babushka has visitors on a cold winter day and they are on their way to see the new born King.  Babushka is always busy but she is very hospitable meeting the needs of her visitors.  When they invite her to come, she is too busy.    In a dream, she sees the new King and desires to go see him and along her journey, you experience her loving kindness to all she meets.

I loved this story, a mixture of several bible accounts like Martha and Mary, the Good Samaritan all in Babushka’s journey to meet the new born King.    With the colorful pictures, it will be favorite book to read with any child.  

A Special Thank You to Lion Children’s Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.’

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‘This is a beautiful retelling of a classic Russian folktale.  The story describes the matron Babushka who stays very busy tending house.  One night she is interrupted by three wise men on their way to visit the newborn King.  They ask for her to join them, but her sense of responsibility keeps her at home cleaning up after their visit.  The next morning, she packs a basket and sets off to find the King.  It’s on this never-ending journey that she comes to touch the lives of everyone she meets by offering them gifts from her basket that never empties.’

– Fit2BTiedLife