Never Too Quiet Reviews

‘Reb Pinchas is overwhelmed by the constant stream of visitors to his house, who leave him no private time to study, pray and think.
He puts up a sign “ABSOLUTELY NO VISITORS!,” and things get quiet.

Time passes and he builds his sukkah. He tries to invite some of the villagers to join him, but thanks to his sign, they’ve all made other plans.
The lonely rabbi return home and recites the traditional invitation for the ushpizin — the seven sukkah guests: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aason, Joseph and David (in kabbalistic, not chronological, order).
After he invites Abraham for the first night, a mysterious visitor appears and teaches Rabbi Pinchas an important lesson.

After the holiday, R. Pinchas takes the sign and emends it to read, “ABSOLUTELY NO VISITORS (IN THE AFTERNOON).”