Illustration studios

Owing to current deadlines, I regret that I am unable to answer your questions until further notice ~ Thank you


Q - Did you go straight into a studio when you left college?


A - No, I couldn’t afford it. I moved to London after leaving college in Cambridge and initially any illustration work I got I did in my bedroom in the house I shared with a load of fashion students. My ‘studio’ consisted of a horribly heavy desk which I dragged around to various places I lived in over the next few years. There were freelance studio spaces to rent in London, but they seemed pretty expensive as they were priced by the square foot.



Q - When did you start working in a proper studio?


A - I moved back to Cambridge after a period of travel, wanting to illustrate full time. I realised that I needed to work from a proper studio if I was going to run it as a business. I found a great place by chance – a group of studios in the centre of town. I started off in a large communal studio, but that was a bit chaotic and freezing cold in  winter, so I then rented a smaller space on my own. There were other artists and designers around to go to lunch with, which was nice. I stayed there for quite a few years.



Q - Where did you go then?


A - I then bought a house, where I still live, which has a wonderful old shed in the garden. It is quite large – 16′ x 7′ – with a raised wooden floor so it’s very dry. The shed was a mess when I moved here, but I had it insulated and did it up and over the years I have made it exactly how I want it. There’s lots of desk space for my computer as well as a drawing and painting area. Although I’ve created as much storage space as possible, I have to keep the clutter down as it would soon fill up. I personally really like the garden shed solution to work in, as it’s a separate space, so when I’m here I sit and work and don’t get too distracted. It gives me the flexibility I like and I often use it for exhibitions in the summer when I do Open Studios. I have also landscaped the garden around my shed The Shadowhouse which adds to the pleasure of working here. I find it peaceful, but never lonely to work here.