Prince of the Birds

Prince of the Birds

‘When Ahmed was born, the royal astrologers declared, “His stars are favourable, but for one – the star of love.” So begins the adventure that is Prince of the Birds – a sparkling children’s picture book, set in medieval southern Spain. It tells the tale of two young people, a handsome Prince and a beautiful Princess, and their parents’ best efforts to keep them apart from each other and ‘safe from the perils of love’.

Lonely Ahmed, imprisoned in a high tower in his father’s palace, learns to speak to the birds, his only friends. It is these friends, the birds, that make his dramatic adventures – full of twists and turns – possible.

Amanda Hall conjured her adaptation from the classic Moorish fantasy Legend of Prince Ahmed Al Kamel or The Pilgrim of Love, part of Alhambra: a series of Tales and Sketches of the Moors and Spaniards, which was written by Washington Irving in 1832. Irving had famously visited the Alhambra in Granada in the early 1800s, gathering medieval stories from the region while he was there.

Amanda’s illustrations for this picture book are delightful, full of colour and movement. She travelled in Washington Irving’s footsteps, visiting the Alhambra for inspiration while working on the Prince of the Birds. In her bird images she captures the desire for freedom that is the main theme of this story.

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Prince of the Birds

Adapted by Amanda Hall

“Sparkling fantasy featuring a Moorish prince and a beautiful princess, a magic horse and a dusty rug and a dove, an owl and a parrot.”

“The decorative, polished art in refined and subtle colors suggests the vibrant multicultural era when medieval Spain was partially ruled by Muslims.”
—Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

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Publisher: Frances Lincoln, 2005

Type and extent of book: 32-page picture book

In-print: No

Rights Available: Book and merchandising

Hardcover ISBN:

  • 9781845071026

Paperback ISBN:

  • 9781845072810

Foreign Co-editions: 

  • Elfos (Spain)
  • Elfos (Catalonia)
  • Hjulet (Sweden)
  • Hjulet (Denmark)
  • Great Books (Korea)
  • Great Books (Korea)

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