Lava Print – Black and Gold Wall Art

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Product Information:

  • Illustration by Amanda Hall.
  • From How The Sea Came To Be
  • Ex Large, Large, Medium, Medium-Small or Small.
  • The printed image is inset within a white border.
  • Framed & window-mounted, or unframed.
  • For product details see PRODUCT INFO.
  • Shipped in recycled or recyclable packaging.


This powerful “Lava Print – Black and Gold Wall Art” print is one of the illustrations from the picture book How The Sea Came To Be, written by Jennifer Berne and published in 2023 by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.

Inspire a child to learn about the fiery beginnings of the Earth with this glowing volcanic wall art by Amanda Hall, illustrating the author’s words ”Volcanoes exploded from inside the Earth. They blazed and they blasted and boomed. And comets and asteroids crashed out of the sky, icy and rocky they zoomed.” Here is a geology print that describes the dramatic Hadean era, when the Earth was covered in black and gold molten lava and bombarded by asteroids.

The “Lava Print – Black and Gold Wall Art” print is landscape in orientation and is available in five print sizes from Ex Large, Large, Medium, Medium-Small to Small (equivalent to A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 respectively) with the printed image inset within a white border. It is suitable for a child’s bedroom or playroom as well as for an adult interior. It can be ordered either window-mounted and framed, or unframed. For details on the paper, frames and mounts used for our products, see PRODUCT INFO.

The prints are shipped in recycled or recyclable packaging.

Designer’s tip: The dramatic colours in this black and gold wall décor will make a great focal point for a range of interior decor colour schemes. It will particularly suit orange, antique gold or mustard and grey interiors.

Product Info

I have partnered with an excellent UK print company that uses the highest quality fine art digital printing technology.

Paper and inks

  • Our prints are made using archival quality, museum-grade Smooth 100% Cotton High White 315gsm fine art paper and pigmented inks to produce outstanding results. More information on our paper can be found here.
  • Our prints are available either framed & window mounted, or unframed.
  • Our quality wooden frames come in a choice of Oak, Black or White. The frame profile is W1.5 x D2.5cm (W.58 x D.98 inches).
  • Each print sits within a generous white window mount.
  • For safe shipping, we use 1.2mm clear framer acrylic. This product looks exactly like glass and is standard across the framing industry.
  • A credit for each illustration appears discreetly at the bottom of the white print border in 8pt grey lettering (under the mount, if framed).
  • The framed prints use standard saw tooth hangers.
  • For best results, prints should not be hung in direct sunlight.
  • Please note that colours may differ slightly from how they appear on your screen due to varying monitor settings.

Print Size Options

  • The maximum size available for each image is determined by the scale of the original illustration – this is to maintain optimum printing results. So, larger original illustrations make larger print sizes possible.
  • Please note that the dimensions of the image area within the print will depend on the proportions of the original illustration, as the height to width ratio varies from image to image.
  • Each image has a variable white margin from the paper’s edge, as can be seen in the unframed print images.
  • The white margin is very narrow on some of the images, this is for image size consistency. For best results we recommend adding a window mount to display your print, if you decide to frame it yourself.
  • Print dimensions are shown as metric measurements on the product pages. Please click here to convert from metric to imperial dimensions.
  • Please note that there might be slight variations in frame sizes.

Additional information

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Frame Type

Oak, Black, White, Unframed

Unframed Print Size

Ex Large (A1: 84.1 x 59.4cms), Large (A2: 59.4 x 42cms), Medium (A3: 42 x 29.7cms), Medium-Small (A4: 29.7 x 21cms), Small (A5: 21 x 14.8cms)

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