Children Just Like Me: Our Favourite Stories Reviews

‘A multicultural anthology of traditional stories is complemented by beautiful full-color artwork and introductions by ten youngsters representing diverse world cultures.’



‘Children Just Like Me: Our Favorite Stories from Around the World provides a cheery trip around the world through folk tales. This book reaches out to the broad audience that kept Children Just Like Me: In Association with UNICEF, the earlier title in the series, on bestseller lists for six months. This beautiful follow-up retells the favorite stories of 10 of the kids featured in the first volume. Colorful illustrations and photos of the contributing child accompany each story and margin notes offer background on each youngster’s native land, with countries ranging from Brazil to France to Botswana. Each nation is marked on a big, colorful map in the book’s inviting introduction. Children Just Like Me: Our Favorite Stories from Around the World successfully avoids the well-intentioned multiculturalism that too often substitutes correctness for art. (Recommended for all ages.)’



‘My 3 1/2 and 6 year old both love this book. As a story book, the stories are as universal as they are rich and evocative, the illustrations are beautiful and compelling for the kids. The pictures of the children themselves are too small for my 46-year-old eyes. If you are interested in showing the lifestyles of children across the world, get “Children Just Like Me,” which we also LOVE. In fact, just get them both. They are among the top 20 books in our home library.’

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