Tales from India Reviews

“Tales from India: Stories of Creation and the Cosmos is a collection of Hindu myths, beautifully illustrated by Amanda Hall, and told in a lively, exciting style that makes them seen new-minted.”
—Books for Keeps Link


“Tales from India is exemplary, a model of narrative and visual storytelling by two talented and inspired artists. … The stories in Tales from India owe much to the fascinating art and visual design of illustrator Amanda Hall.” 

—New York Journal of Books Link


“This fabulous-looking collection of stories by the wonderful Jamila Gavin, illustrated by Amanda Hall…”

 —The Observer/ Kate Kellaway Link


“The illustrations are beautiful and the illustrator has used authentic Indian art styles from the past and present, especially using miniature painting for the fine details of her paintings. The gods are fantastic creatures with many arms, parts human/parts animal, or simply wondrous creatures and they come to their full splendour under Hall’s brush.”


“Whitbread Book Award–winner Gavin, who grew up in India, presents 10 classic Hindu stories, accompanied by Hall’s lush and elegant gouache illustrations.”
—Publishers Weekly Link


“Hall’s vibrant gouache artwork glows in jewel-colours; saffron yellow, sari-cerise, lapis blue. In order to capture the fine details in the illustrations, Hall painted whilst looking through a giant magnifying glass and used brushes so fine the smallest had only a single hair. Yet she combines this authenticity with her own style, achieving a softness and clarity beautifully suited to children… Truly a collection to treasure.”
—Armadillo Magazine/ Dawn Casey


“Gavin’s narratives are deliberate yet spellbinding, and Hall’s artwork is visual storytelling at its best, with illustrations that literally glow with the mystique and beauty of India…………This handsome book of Hindu mythology is a fine choice for most any library collection.”
—Booklist Online reviews/ Erin Anderson Link


“Amanda Hall’s illustrations are beautiful and the book is bursting with energy and colour. Only one word can summarise this collection … stunning… Highly recommended for readers 7+ and particularly for shared reading as a class or family.”

—Book a Poet 


“Come on a journey with renowned storyteller Jamila Gavin as she writes of great floods, legendary romances, and epic battles between good and evil. This new collection of Hindu tales, including the birth of the gods, tales of creation, and the arrival of humans, is illuminated by Amanda Hall’s exquisite artwork, which reflects the influence of both classical and contemporary Indian art.”

—The School Librarian Winter 2011 Edition/ Jane Doonan 


“The magical tales are woven by the award-winning Jamila Gavin, and illuminated by Amanda Hall’s delicate, colourful artwork. Ages: 8+”
—The Guardian Bookshop Trade Review