The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales Reviews

“But what makes this collection exceptional are Amanda Hall’s beautiful illustrations.”
The Observer Review


“Each is from a different culture….. and Amanda Hall’s stylised illustrations perfectly reflect each one.”

The Bookseller


“the illustrations are lavish without ever becoming overblown.”
Times Educational Supplement


“Amanda Hall’s vivid paintings bring to life this selection of nine stories.”
Booktrust/ Folk & Fairy Tales/ A book Guide UK


“The illustrations are a major feature full of intricate details.”
Junior Bookshelf


“A pleasure to behold.”
School Librarian


“The beautiful, intricate illustrations by Amanda Hall are done in styles which suit the country of origin of the tales whilst remaining original.”
Fact & Fiction


“The illustrations are the biggest selling point for Barefoot Books. Every picture is alive with colour, without being garish.”
Cork Evening Echo


“Amanda Hall’s illustrations adapt beautifully to the style of tale they illustrate.”
Sainsbury’s Magazine


“The stunning pictures can be pored over to find new enchantment every time.”
Essex Chronicle Series