Giant Tales

Giant Tales

This is a tremendous collection of ten tall tales about super-sized personalities from around the globe.

Stories of giants occur in many different countries and cultures. In her retellings for Giant Tales, acclaimed anthologist Fiona Waters offers us a unique selection of her favourites: we meet giants bumbling and brave, friendly and fearsome, female and male. In many myths and legends, giants were portrayed as being exceptionally stupid and brutish but of great might, and capable of huge feats of strength. These mighty titans were often capable of defeat by frail but resourceful and cunning heroes – and sometimes even heroines! In Giant Tales, we witness the adventures and escapades that inevitably follow.

Fiona’s diverse career has a passion for books at its core. Her books – 100 and counting – are published in many different languages across the world. Her poetry anthology I am the Seed that Grew the Tree won the Waterstones Children’s Gift Book of the Year in 2018.

Amanda Hall’s powerful and vibrant illustrations for Giant Tales are the perfect complement to the wit and readability of Fiona Water’s storytelling. Amanda’s careful research into cultural details – landscape, architecture, costume – gives her illustrations a sense of flavour and authenticity.

From Arabia to Japan, North America to Russia, and many places besides, these larger-than-life characters stride out across the world leaving giant legends behind them!

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Giant Tales

Retold by Fiona Waters

“Myths and legends of giants appear in many different cultures, and acclaimed anthologist Fiona Waters has gathered together a selection of her favorites here: giants friendly and frightening, bumbling and brave, male and female-and the inevitable escapades and adventures that ensue. From Cornwall to Jamaica, Italy to North America, and many places in between, giants stride across the world and leave huge legends behind them. Amanda Hall’s stunning artwork is highly decorative and carefully researched”
— WorldCat

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Publisher: Chrysalis Children’s Books, 2004

Type and extent of book: 94-page story collection

In-print: No

Rights Available: Book and merchandising

Hardcover ISBN:

  • 9781843650177

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