The Stolen Sun

The Stolen Sun

The Stolen Sun, by Amanda Hall, originally published in 2002, is a love story about the earth, intricately woven from themes that are part of ancient Inuit mythology, belief and culture. Raven, at first joyously, fills the world with creatures and lives in his own sky-world above our own.

In this magnificent children’s picture book, Raven is made angry by mankind, because humans are not treating the earth or its inhabitants as they should. He steals and hides the sun from the people, causing the earth to freeze in endless night. But in his flight from mankind Raven sheds a single feather, and that is where this story of fear, then hope, for the survival of the earth begins. At the story’s heart is a young, mysterious boy named Little Darkness. He knows he is different from other children and that there is a special challenge to be faced in his life, but not what it will be or whether he will succeed. The themes are ancient, but the sentiments are eternal.

Amanda based some of her research for this children’s story on the Smithsonian Institute book The Eskimo About Bering Strait by the American naturalist and ethnologist Edward William Nelson.

The dramatic illustrations in Amanda’s picture book – created using pencil crayon and watercolor inks – fill the whole of each spread, with the text flowing across the images.

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The Stolen Sun

Written by Amanda Hall

“This picture book “with stylised illustrations that beautifully convey the colors and textures of the frozen North.”
—Washington Parent

“Hall’s vivid illustrations are gorgeous, bold and evocative, rich with details that will keep young readers searching the pictures over and over for new discoveries.”
—NAPRA Review

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Publisher: Frances Lincoln, 2002

Type and extent of book: 36-page picture book

In-print: No

Rights Available: Audio, performance & merchandising

Hardcover ISBN:

  • 9780711218080

Paperback ISBN: 

  • 9780711218447

Foreign Co-editions: 

  • Eerdmans Books (US)
  • Forlaget Sesam (Denmark)
  • Korea Dewey (Korea)
  • Korea Dewey (Korea)
  • Weldon Owen Education Ltd (New Zealand)

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