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All images copyright © Amanda Hall


Reproducing Images in Print

Amanda Hall’s images are not available for print reproduction without first obtaining a license.

To see which book licenses are available go to Book Rights.

To see which illustration licenses are available go to Stock Art.

To inquire about how to obtain book or illustration licenses, please email Amanda via her contact form.



Reproducing Illustrations Online

Amanda Hall is very grateful to anyone who mentions her work in any online articles and videos.

She is happy to participate in interviews, videos and blog article writing.

If you wish to reproduce any of Amanda’s illustrations in an online article or video, you must first obtain her permission to do so.

Every image you reproduce must have a caption that attributes the credit for the image/s to Amanda Hall, with the appropriate link back to her website.

Please contact Amanda via her contact form to let her know which images you would like to use and she will provide the appropriate wording and website link to use for the credit line.



Website Statement of Copyright

All content on this Site, text, graphics, logos, buttons, images and any JavaScript and html code, is the property

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