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I am very grateful to everyone who has reviewed my work. If you can spare a few moments, please share your feedback on Google.

I hope you enjoy reading my Google reviews below.

Mark A
4th May 2023

Went to a great exhibition of Amanda's work at Chris Beetle's Gallery in St James, London. These are amazing artworks that raise the bar on what a book illustration can be.

Amy Klohr
10th April 2023

I gave The Lion Classic Aesop's Fables to my grandchildren. They had the following comments: from 'The Lion and the Mouse' - "What I love is the way the illustrations in the Fables spill out beyond the borders and the way you create different textures in the animals' furs." (Charlie, age 12. The 'spilling out' reminds Granny of Illuminated MSs); from 'The Dragon and the Cockerel' - chosen (by Eva, age 8) "for the way Amanda can make a dragon look dull and a cockerel look extravagant in the story". Eva also appreciates "... the way the illustrations evoke 'Chinese-ness' "(her word). We all love the detail of the border edges, e.g. where a page number might be hidden inside a Chinese lantern.

Clare Sinclair
10th April 2023

I love Amanda's illustrations and find that they are a joy to read to my grandchildren. The folk tales and the many books about different myths from all over the world, are so fascinating for grownups too. Her illustrations bring to life the stories of famous artists, science, and the world as we enter enchanting landscapes and visual delights.

27th January 2023

I loved 'The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau' beautifully illustrated by Amanda Hall. A lovely homage to the great man!

Angela Monzon
30th November 2022

Babushka is based on a classic Russian story that exemplifies the wonder of Christmas. Beautifully drawn detailed illustrations bringing the story to life! My children love it.

I love books illustrated by Amanda Hall. I use children's picture books to introduce children to artists and then they create a piece of artwork based on the artist's stye. The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau is a great introduction for preschool and elementary age students. Children learn about Rousseau's life and art. The illustrations in this book are vibrant and colorful and really keep the students' attention! I was so excited to find a picture book about Leonora Carrington. She is not an artist that is commonly taught to children. This book is exquisitely written and illustrated! the colors and images are enchanting and my kiddos were completely immersed. A book illustrated by Amanda that I love using in my classroom during the holidays is the story of Babushka! There is a similar tale in the Italian culture of a little old lady who stays behind to clean her house and prepare for baby Jesus and misses the opportunity to walk with the wisemen to find him. Sharing stories from different cultures and parts of the world with my kiddos is important to me. The illustrations in this story delight the senses and bring Babushka's story to life. The story has a wonderful message for the holiday season!

James Morwood
20th November 2022

On every page of The Lion Classic Aesop's Fables, Amanda's illustrations leap out of their frames inviting me further into the worlds of the stories as I read along. Every scene is full of colour and little details. I am sure I will revisit it many times to come. An excellent book.

Claire Morwood
20th November 2022

I read Aesop's Fables after receiving it for Christmas and Amanda's illustrations really brought the entire book to life for me! Her artwork is beautifully presented, and so much personality comes through in the characters and animals of the book, which gave me an extra level of connection to the stories alongside them. Really beautiful book!

Gerard Potter
2nd November 2022

I bought Aesops Fables beautifully illustrated by Amanda Hall for my granddaughter Olivia and she loves the stories and pictures

jane dickins
1st November 2022

My elderly mother, who has always admired Rousseau's work, was enchanted by The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau - a beautifully illustrated book about his life. Amanda's vibrant pictures perfectly capture the spirit of this fascinating artist.

Brian Leeming (BrianL)
25th October 2022

I have watched with interest as Amanda's reputation has grown, so that I think of her as one of the best British children's book illustrators. A few years ago I bought copies of 'Out of This World' for each of my grandchildren, sure that the illustrations would grab their attention and stimulate their imagination. Lovely work, Amanda.