Natural History Illustration

Amanda Hall creates natural history illustration in pen and ink as well as with watercolor, pencil crayon and gouache. On this page you can browse through Amanda’s images available to license from her forthcoming picture book How The Sea Came To Be: And All the Creatures In It.

How The Sea Came To Be charts the earth’s oceans over the last 4.5 billion years. As well as geology illustration there are examples of some of the earth’s earliest marine organisms, through to animals living in our oceans today. The illustrations are based on natural science research, but always with Amanda’s decorative and colorful style.

If you are a designer searching for marine-inspired art suitable for food and drink packaging, china and homewares or fabric designs for soft furnishings and want to license existing artwork, the illustrations on this page could be a perfect fit. Or if you want to commission an artist to create new natural history illustration for products that need either tonal or linear images of creatures and habitats, please enquire via Amanda’s contact page.

How The Sea Came To Be was written by Jennifer Berne and will be published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers in April 2023.

Geological illustration of Earth being bombarded by asteroids
Geological llustration showing the first floods on Earth
Illustration showing the first life on Earth
Geological illustration showing the Hadean Earth's molten, volcanic  surface
Illustration of the first worms on Earth
Illustration of Ediacaran Biota
Natural history illustration of sea creatures
Natural history illustration of sea blue whale, sailfish, porpoise and other sea creatures
Cover illustration for How The Sea Came To Be
Children's Marine life illustration art book cover for "How The Sea Came To Be"
Natural history illustration of sea creatures from the twilight zone and the midnight zone
Natural history illustration of an ammonite fossil and a nautilus
Natural history illustration of sea creatures in the neritic zone
Natural history illustration of  creatures in the Carboniferous era
Children looking at a tide pool
Illustration showing the Earth's atmosphere from space
Geological illustration showing the cooling Archean Earth
Natural history illustration of reef sharks, barracuda,  moray eels and Caribbean reef squid
Geology illustration of an asteroid
Natural history illustration of Cambrian sea creatures
Natural history illustration of late Ediacaran sea creatures and early jellyfish
Natural history illustration of flounders, sea trout and cod
Natural history illustration of prehistoric sea creatures
Geology illustration showing the Earth over 4.5 billion years
How The Sea Came To Be illustration of crescent moon