Kids Room Wall Murals –
For Children’s Bedrooms and Playrooms

We have partnered with Wallsauce, a leading manufacturer of made-to-measure wall mural wallpaper, to create a range of beautiful wall mural wallpapers for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Transform your child’s bedroom into a world of timeless magic. Stimulate their imagination and curiosity for stories while also adorning your house with a stylish decor feature.

Illustrations from the following picture books are available as wall mural wallpapers – The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau | Out of This World: The Surreal Art of Leonora Carrington | Brother Giovanni’s Little Reward | The Stolen Sun | How the Leopard got his Spots | How the Camel got his Hump | All My Shining Silver | Good as Gold | The Hard to Swallow Tale of Jonah and the Whale | Robi Dobi: The Marvellous Adventures of an Indian Elephant.

We have provided a variety of designs, some in vivid colours that will make perfect wall murals for playrooms, others are in more subtle night colours, which might be preferred as wall murals for children’s bedrooms. Visit Amanda’s page on the Wallsauce website to see all the images on offer. Is there a specific illustration you have in mind from a particular book, but can’t see in Amanda’s Wallsauce collection? Get in touch and we will tell you if it can be made into a wall mural.


Kids Room Wall Murals

Wall Mural Playroom 'Henri's Jungle'

Wall murals for playrooms

A kids room wall mural creates a great backdrop for fun and imagination in a playroom and extends the sense of space. Use a mural as a feature wall and reflect its colours and themes elsewhere in the room – for the walls and soft furnishings – to bring the fantasy to life.

This jungle mural ‘Henri’s Jungle’ for a children’s room, is a wonderfully easy way to bring an exotic world into your child’s play area. See the marine themed ‘Jonah and the Whale’ below for an under the sea mural in a child’s room.

Kids Room Wall Murals

wall mural playroom 'Leonora's Dreamland'

Wall murals for children’s bedrooms

Choose a dreamy illustration for a feature wall like this mountain mural ‘Raven’s Feather’ for a kid’s bedroom. Here’s another lovely option ‘Leonora’s Dreamworld’ below – see this and many more of Amanda’s wall murals by clicking on any of the Kids Room Wall Murals tabs.

Suitable for both boy’s and girl’s bedrooms, an illustrated mural for your children’s bedroom makes a perfect setting for reading bedtime stories. It will look wonderful with a nightlight on, helping children imagine they are inside a fantasy-filled world, as they drift into sweet dreams.


Kids Room Wall Murals

Wall Mural Children’s Bedrooms 'Leonora's Dreamland'

What is wall mural wallpaper?

Wall Mural Wallpaper is a large single image, printed and supplied in wallpaper-width sections to be hung side by side to create the whole image. When you place your order on the Wallsauce website, you will be able to customise your selected image to fit the exact dimensions of the space you wish to fill.

The Wall Mural Wallpapers can be ordered in a variety of highly durable surfaces and weights, from a smooth to a textured finish. To help you decide which surface you prefer, you can order small samples, for free, on the Wallsauce website.

Kids Room Wall Murals

Wall Mural for Playroom 'Jonah and the Whale'

How does it work?

On the Wall Mural Wallpapers website at Wallsauce, the ordering system is tried, tested and very easy to use. Select an image you like online, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to HOW IT WORKS to see the whole process for measuring, ordering, materials, installation, FAQs and helpful online videos. Installation instructions will also be included with your delivery.

The excellent customer service at Wallsauce is on hand to answer any questions throughout the process. Wallsauce ships internationally and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Would you like to pair your new wall mural with a collectable picture book order? Amanda will sign your book and inscribe a message of your choice. See details on the Collectable Books page. Amanda Hall’s illustrations are also available as Illustration Prints and Original Illustrations.

Signed books, illustration prints and some original illustrations are also available from Amanda’s studio The Shadowhouse during Cambridge Open Studio days and by appointment at other times.